"My mission is to confront ecological concerns that may not be widely publicized. I see public art as a way to reference the environment surrounding the viewer. Each piece reflects the uniqueness of the location, drawing on natural, historic, and cultural inspiration. I research native flora and fauna and anthropic stress on the natural landscape. I am interested in how life adapts to the natural limitations of an environment, and how lifeforms either continue or fail to adapt to limitations imposed by human presence."


Makes accessible art with the theme- the importance of man and nature interacting and living together. 

 Currently lives and works in Evanston, IL.


Builder of site specific, community art since 1993.  Projects include murals, fences, paving, sculptures, benches and retaining walls located all around the US. Public, site-specific art is an interactive experience, providing the opportunity for people to connect with other visitors to the site through primary emotional responses.


in outdoor media: concrete, mild and stainless steel, bronze, glass, mosaics and ceramics. Sculptures imitates and represent natural forms – plants, animals, insects – with the intention of giving artistic representation to underrepresented members of the natural order.