Concrete & metal creatures

The exploration of the naughty and nice in nature led me to combine the menacing with the beautiful in my work, sculpture of welded steel and concrete inspired by insects and insect parts. These smaller pieces please us with beautiful finishes and form, yet include an element of danger or grossness. As in the large mosaic sculptures we are both attracted to and repelled from them simultaneously.


larvae for a better tomorrow / 2013

Blown glass bowl, forged steel spoon, bronze and red jasper larvae.
3” h x 6” w x 6” d
With food becoming increasingly expensive and scarce, hungry folks are returning to the high protein source of insects.

coming or going / 2013

Welded steel, branch, wire.
60” h x 24” w x 5” d
The caterpillar with heads at both ends is meandering along the branch searching for the meaning of his existence.

little pete / 2013

Welded steel, polished cast concrete.
15” h x 12” w x 12” d
This character, part plant- part insect, has a spiny body for protection as he shyly emerges from the amoeba shaped leaf.

metamorph / 2012

Welded steel, applied concrete, mica.
18″ h x 10″ w x 5.5″ d
The writhing larva form with icky little feet is repulsive but the smooth finish with shiny mica begs to be touched.

larva family / 2012

Welded steel, cast concrete and glass mosaic tile.
Mother and Baby: 5″ h x 5″ w x 10″ d
Brother: 4″ h x 4″ w x 8″ d
How cute the little baby larva is riding on his mother’s back. The family is joined by the precious big brother larva along for the excursion.

insecty / 2012

Welded steel, concrete and glass mosaic tile.
6″ h x 8″ w x 17″ d
Inspired by a spider, the smooth elegant form of the abdomen contrasts with the leggy metal body.