no fear / 2012

Based on the haiku: Fear makes even the tiny wasp appear gigantic, this wasp is astounding.  It’s size and beauty deride our fear of insects.

Another equally poignant sentiment is expressed in this poem by Sara Littlecrow- Russell:
Apology to the Wasps
Terrorized by your stings,
I took out biochemical weapons
And blasted your nest
Like it was a third-world country.
I was the United States Air Force.
It felt so good to be so powerful
Until I saw your family
Trailing shredded wings,
Staggering on disintegrating legs,
Trying desperately to save the eggs
You had stung to protect.


Powder-coated steel, copper, concrete and glass mosaic tile.
24″ h x 30″ w x 48″ d